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Living Assistance Services Advice: Weight Loss Myths Seniors Should Disregard

May 17, 2018 by Lezlie Snoozy-Kaitfors

Senior citizens understand the importance of losing weight. However, with so many weight loss tips out there, they may be unsure of which ones to believe and which ones to disregard. Aides who offer living assistance services in Tualatin, OR, have created this list of weight loss myths so that older adults do not spend their time and energy following advice that will not lead to results.


Losing Weight Means Skipping Meals

Perhaps the greatest weight loss myth is that skipping meals and snacks can lead to weight loss. This is untrue as doing so will do nothing but cause irritability, frustration, and the regaining of weight. Older adults should understand that one of the most important rules of dieting is to eat every meal so that there’s never a time where they are starving and overindulge.


Healthy Foods Taste Bad

One of the reasons some seniors do not want to eat healthy is because they believe that healthy foods taste bad. This couldn’t be further from the truth as there are countless nutrient-rich foods that are delicious and bound to please an older adult’s taste buds. Professionals who specialize in living assistance services recommend eggs with avocado, a piece of whole grain toast with peanut butter, and some fresh salmon with a side of broccoli.


Cardio is the Ideal Exercise for Weight Loss

Older adults may spend hours on a treadmill and wonder why they aren’t losing any weight. They should realize that while cardio is good for them, it must be paired with weight training in order to burn fat and provide them with results. Squats, bicep curls, lunges, and tricep extensions are all examples of weight training exercises seniors should incorporate into their exercise routine.


Foods Labeled "Low Fat" or "Reduced Fat" Are Always a Healthy Option

Contrary to popular belief, foods labeled “low fat” or “reduced fat” are not always healthy. Professionals who provide living assistance services encourage older adults to check labels prior to purchasing these foods as many of them contain high levels of sugar.


By understanding the truth behind these weight loss myths, older adults are more likely to see results and meet their weight loss goals.


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