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2015 Comfort Keeper of The Year, Gay Halliday

Gay’s care of her own special needs child has given her unique insights into the needs of her clients. Gay provided care to a young mother with multiple sclerosis who had “good days” and “bad days.” Gay’s encouraged this mother to interact with her daughter during parts of the day when the client had high energy.  Gay also faithfully helped the client with her physical therapy exercises, even on days that took extra encouragement due to the client’s pain.  Gay always included the client in making decisions about her care, and advocated for her when she was unable to participate because of her condition. It is Gay’s deep compassion that helped this client and others to achieve the highest quality of life possible.


2013 Comfort Keeper of The Year, Kathleen Vandeberghe Rogers

Kathy Rogers was a Comfort Keeper from the first day.  She embodies all the positive traits that we love to see.  She is empathetic when caring for her clients yet has a strength to help them to help themselves.  Kathy is always reliable and able to meet the needs of her clients in a timely and caring manner. Patience is part of Kathy’s every moment with clients and with other staff that she helps to guide in caring for her clients. In the words of her client’s family, “Kathy is our shining star who I have the utmost respect and honor for.

2012 Comfort Keeper of The Year, Cynthia Theel

Cynthia started as a Comfort Keeper and was so wonderful she quickly was taking over as the lead at her clients. We were also getting so many compliments on her care that she was nominated as Comfort Keeper of the Year and was chosen for the Northwest Region Comfort Keeper of the Year in 2012.


What Our Clients Say About Our Caregivers


"I am very happy with Comfort Keepers and the care that I am getting from the caregivers. You are insuring me and my family that I am in a safe and stable environment. You are meeting all of my nutritional needs, and I am happy with the service plan and how it is being followed. When you started coming to care for me I was not very interested in life activities, but you have helped me to become re-involved in living. Also, I am very happy that my wife feels comfortable leaving while the Comfort Keepers are here taking care of me, knowing that I am in good hands. All caregivers meet family standards, the home visits are frequent, and it shows that the company cares about our family needs. I would recommend Comfort Keepers to all friends and families who are in need of any of your services."



"I wanted to tell you how wonderful it is to know that the Comfort Keeper that you have with Mom cares so deeply for her and how knowledgeable she is in the care provided. We have had the same Comfort Keeper for several months and they are very well acquainted with one another. During her regularly scheduled mid-week shift, the Comfort Keeper noticed that Mom did not seem like her normal cheery self and questioned her as to how she was feeling. Her speech seemed labored and her appearance seemed unusual. The Comfort Keeper called paramedics, who took Mom to the hospital, where it was discovered that she had in fact had a stroke. Because of the Comfort Keepers training and her awareness, Mom received the treatment she needed and now all of the family is better able to recognize signs and symptoms of stroke. Thank you Comfort Keepers, for training your staff so well and having hired people that care so much."


"I have been with Comfort Keepers since my husband Charlie passed away 2 years ago. I have been satisfied with the caregivers and the care they have been providing. I’m also very pleased with the flexibility of scheduling, and that Jeff has been very accommodating with my needs. I have great communication with my CCC Phyllis. You answer any and all questions and concerns that I have. All in all, it is a great company and I would recommend it to anyone who asks."


"I want to thank all of the Comfort Keepers that took care of Mom in my absence. She dearly loved Michelle, Phyllis, and Brittney. Mom refused all thought of care and someone coming into her home until we hired your company. After the first meeting with you and Phyllis, she said “OK, I will try this.” She was very challenging to the requirements of the family. Because of your company we were able to overcome those challenges and continue to live our lives, knowing each day that Mom was being well taken care of and happy at the same time. The biggest problem we had after you came into our lives was that the firemen down the street missed their daily visit to Mom when she called for help. I would highly recommend your company to any family that needed your type of assistance. I would tell anyone you were caring, considerate, and compassionate to all of us."


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